Our job is connected with event organizing in Europe, that fact gave us a chance to visit one of the smallest state in a world.
Here are top 5 cities in Germany that we recommend visiting.
Every place is unique in his own way, but here we will tell what unites them and makes Greece Greece.
What you have to do to miss your flight?
Below you can see the list of first importance for 10-day trip.
It’s easy to travel without 10 kilograms of unnesessary things if you remember several life hacks
Secret life hack “How to save money in a trip
"My understanding of #BeYourselfinBGS - is when you manage to do a good deal of work, and most importantly, you remain true to yourself".

“What’s happened to me?” - Olya  about life at BGS
It’s all about Rock ‘n’ Roll - Konstantin Limonov about the love of music and BGS
“If in 2014 I was told that I would quit dancing and work in sales – I would not believe it."

“Happiness is when you are understood and accepted for who you are”.