We gathered the most frequently asked and at first sight easy questions we usually ask at the interview. However, each of them “hides the nut that is not easy to crack”. If you succeed in it, send us your CV and we’ll try to create more difficult tasks special for you)

  1. How would you explain to 5 years old child the meaning of the word “sale”?

  2. Whom and how could you sell an asteroid at the airport?

  3. What do you feel when you buy a bubble gum and a cashier cannot give you 10 RUB change?

  4. Imagine that in a year we all are gathering in this room to celebrate something. How do you think what can we celebrate?

  5. How could you detect that a person, who reached the company, did it thanks to outdoor advertisement?

  6. How could you reach a director of a major oil company?

  7. Could you name the last goal that you have reached?

  8. How much time do you need to be fluent in the Chinese language?

  9. What would you do if your boss were younger than you?

  10. Think of a polite refusal to the client, who had asked you to go out with him/her. Your task is also not to crumb the deal?

  11. Try to reduce the price on a luxe apartment in the hotel that you're booking.

  12. How could you make technical support of a shipping company to deliver a dispatch in one hour?

  13. Describe your dream work.

  14. How could you persuade your boss to raise your salary?

  15. What would you do in the following situation: the client calls you and asks to get back money that he has already paid for participation in Congress, because he is going to the vacation on these dates?


We gathered all together the main DO’S and DON’TS that will definitely help you succeed in the interview and get the job you always dreamed about!

Let’s dispell all myths about this kind of work and strictly identify what sort of person is a sales manager in BGS group. So, let’s get it started!

If you intend to sell vacuum-cleaners, user feature packages or anything like this, you may stop reading this article right now.
We gathered the most frequently asked and at first sight easy questions we usually ask at the interview.
Our job is connected with event organizing in Europe, that fact gave us a chance to visit one of the smallest state in a world.