More often than not, candidates, participating in the interview, underestimate significant and important role of the job talk not only for their career in particular, but for their entire future as well. Have a look at the statistic facts: an average person working full-time spends most of the time on his or her workplace! That’s a lot, don’t you think so? Therefore, it is highly important to choose the dream company with an extra thoroughness. We gathered all together the main DO’S and DON’TS that will definitely help you succeed in the interview and get the job you always dreamed about!


1. DO remember: “Time is money”.

Think in advance how much time it will take to get to our office, especially if you don't know the location well or you've never been there before. It’s just perfect when you come 15 minutes before the interview. We don’t actually follow the rule “You snooze you lose”, however the statistics speaks for itself and those candidates who are late for the interview usually don't pass it successfully. So, pay attention to this point.

2. DO tell us about us.

Before passing the interview carefully explore company's web-site, requirements and the main duties of the position you want to take. Generally, you can easily find this information on our official web-site. It will help you not only to answer some catchy questions at the interview, but also build your own concept about our company and understand whether our life principles, goals and values coincide or not. Besides get prepared to ask questions as well as answer on them, because this also shows your interest to the company and accuracy in making the right choice.

3. DO keep it real.

Just be yourself, don’t try to be someone else. We can easily find out whether you tell us the truth or a lie. The matter is that there are no right or wrong answers, that’s why it is highly recommended to be self-confident, extremely sincere and open to HR manager!

4. DO relax.

Take it easy. Even if you feel that there is something you don't know or it seems to you that the interviewer is pushing you, provoking, derailing you on purpose and asking awkward questions, don’t come undone, take a deep breath, stay calm and friendly. Be sure, it will work to your credit))

5. DO give us a reason to say “yes”.

Indeed, no doubtedly you realize that there are a lot of people who want to get this job, that is why you have to do some serious thinking about what competitive advantages do you have and what makes you special. In this case at the interview you can show us your strengths and emphasize on them.


1. Please, DO NOT disturb.

Listen carefully to a question and only afterwards reply on it. Don’t hurry, you’ll certainly have an opportunity to express your opinion and answer the question.

2. DON’T even try to give us one-word answers.

In fact, HR manager knows nothing about you! He or she doesn’t know why exactly you are perfectly fit in with BGS group, that is why your goal is to give us as complete and detailed answer as it can be. Remember to keep to the subject though.

3. DON’T go wayward.

This might get the listener confused, not interested and bored. In other words, it makes the impression that either you duck the question on purpose by any reason, or it is a chellenge for you to structure your thoughts. Anyway, it only falls short.

4. DON’T overplay with your outfit.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. For this reason, don’t underestimate the importance of the way you look like. Even if you have no idea concerning company's dress code, always choose something neutral. Normally, plain straight jeans is ok, but sequins, sparkles and scruffy jeans is too much. Keep it for more appropriate place and situation.

5. DON’T provide socially desirable answers.

Quite often candidates come to the interview with prepared answers, made according to the information they have read in media. Frankly speaking, it looks obvious when you're saying something created by someone else. It is hardly possible that you will manage to trick an experienced HR manager in this way. So, your words will turn against yourself. Are you sure you really want it?))


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