How do you think, what kind of job is the most widespread and requirable under market relations? Right you are – a sales manager! Yes, indeed, a lot of people are involved in sales, but everyone sales in different ways, sometimes not always on a top level. In this regard there is an unalterable opinion in our society that sales manager is a person, who just flogs something absolutely unnecessary to someone absolutely uninterested in it. That’s why let’s dispell all myths about this kind of work and strictly identify what sort of person is a sales manager in BGS group. So, let’s get it started!

Myth #1. To be a sales manager you have to be born a sales manager.

There is such a phrase “a salesman with a God given talent”, but is there a grain of truth in it? Suffice it to recall the stories of people, who had started small, passed through the bad streak, but nevertheless won the world. The most famous salesman Joe Girard was born in a poor family and he used to sell newspaper subscriptions in a childhood. Even at that time he realized that the more he walks from house to house, the more doors were opened, the more money he earned. Only in 35 he managed sell cars. For 15 years of work he set up an absolute sales record – he is entered in the Guinness Book of World Record and still is second to none. Consequently, you can easily say that “a salesman with a God given talent” – is a person who works hard and doesn’t give up.

Myth # 2. Being a sales manager is monotonous and boring.

This might be the truth for those who have never worked in sales before and have a very dim idea of working in our company. Sales manager in BGS group is a person, who leads negotiations on a top level with directors of the biggest energy companies all over the world, communicates with government representatives from different countries: Ministry of Natural Resources France to Ministry of Energy Ghana. He (or she) is a person who constantly works in multitasking environment and deadline. And the best among our team have an opportunity to meet their clients at our events in Europe! You have to admit that it sounds exciting, not boring at all!

Myth # 3. Sales manager position doesn’t require specific education. This type of work is not intellectual.

“Lying pays no tax” – one of the most widespread prejudice. In fact, there is only half of the truth in it. This kind of job requires thinking fast in constantly changing environment, being open-minded, adaptable and nimble, and also knowledge of various facets (psychology, history, rhetoric and dramatics). These are the main components of success in Sales manager position.

Myth # 4. Everyone needs only experienced salesman. Nobody wants to teach.

Probably, at many other companies this situation is real, but not at BGS group. Almost each employee started to work with just a little experience in negotiations and sometimes even with no experience at all. We taught each of them, helped to correct mistakes and guided in a right direction. As a result, we could get a team which helps our company to be one of the best in organizing international events. If you’re willing to learn, go forward and work on yourself all the time, you can achieve it in our company.

Myth # 5. Money is the only thing that motivates a sales manager.

Initially, in particular people with a strong financial motivation choose this profession, but when they become a part of our team, they understand how valuable are all the non-material things that they find in our company: help and support from colleagues, informal atmosphere, learning, communication with like-minded people, openness to creativity and new ideas. That’s why our managers come to work with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

If you think you can handle it, you can try yourself on the interview at our company. To apply, send your CV to or fill in a form on our web site . Write us why we should make a job offer exactly to you.
Right now this vacancy is open in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg.

Thank you for your attention and best of luck!



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