A long time ago I realized that the busier you are the more you succeed. My mother used to say so, and I agree with her. My understanding of #BeYourselfinBGS - is when you manage to do a good deal of work, and most importantly, you remain true to yourself.

I’m working my regular office eight as a Senior Project Manager, but at the same time I continue to do the things I love. Better yet, I get constant support from my colleagues. And this motivates me to work further.

Besides my work I have time to:

  1. Raise a cat. I take it as a full hobby. The cat has become popular among my colleagues when all together we taught it to stand on its hind legs.

  2. Go to the gym. By the way, I’ve found my gym through BGS group. Our corporate culture is straight fire. 

  3. Cook. I try to eat healthy food. But not on Sundays or Saturdays  - on my Instagram one can see that I like to taste new dishes at restaurants:D We often discuss nutrition issues and share new recipes with colleagues. We might change over to a healthy life by the whole office soon ;)

  4. Do voluntary work within the frame of “Odyssey of the Mind” which I like very much. It does not interfere my working schedule. 

  5. Improve my English. I make translations, watch films, read. My dream to have a job connected with English came true. Now I practice it at meetings with foreign companies or when I read news on the petrochemical industry or translate some working materials. 

  6. Travel. Many of my travels are business trips. That’s why my job lets me have my cake and eat it too - I manage to work and to improve myself.


Sure, these are not all of the interests I manage to find time for. In BGS I’ve learned to do a million of things for my own pleasure. Here I manage to work and constantly get inspired. Just  #BeYourselfinBGS :)


“If in 2014 I was told that I would quit dancing and work in sales – I would not believe it."

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"My understanding of #BeYourselfinBGS - is when you manage to do a good deal of work, and most importantly, you remain true to yourself".

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