We decided to smoothen things down for you. You needn’t use your brains for tormenting thoughts like “did I take everything?”, because Sofia Mamykina prepared a packing list for a 10-day business trip:

  • 1 jacket and jeans;

  • 3 T-shirts;

  • Lounge pants;

  • Socks (3 pairs);

  • Underwear;

  • 1 black dress;

  • 1 dress for a gala dinner;

  • Stockings (2 pairs);

  • Black heeled shoes;

  • Black flat shoes;

  • Room footwear for a set-up;

  • Flip flops for shower;

  • Loofah;

  • Hairbrush;

  • Compact mirror;

  • Mascara/eyeshadows/lipstick;

  • Deodorant;

  • Cotton swabs (for the road only, hotels usually have them);

  • Hand/face cream;

  • Perfume;

  • Facial wash;

  • Make-up remover (all liquids should be poured to small bottles).

  • Job_bgsgroup_7


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