Strict and disciplined but at the same time so free – all this about Germany. One of the safest states in Europe, the country with the painful history, huge cultural heritage, magnificent nature and gastronomy, so different and that is why so attractive for tourists. There are hundreds of places to visit – excursion and health tourism. The job that is connected with travelling allowed us to crisscross the country. Here are top 5 cities in Germany that we recommend visiting.



Obviously, the main city in the country that appeared to become a home for so many our compatriots. You should start your trip around the country with this city for sure. This is the place where the symbol of the country - The Brandenburg Gate – is located. Each square meter of Berlin breathes a great history: The Berlin Wall, The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and so on. The city safekeeps masterpieces of architecture - The Gendarmenmarkt, Museum Island, Charlottenburg Palace and many others. After many-hours-long walk down its legendary streets, Berlin will give you a feeling of pleasant fatigue.



The second largest city in Germany and so many-sided. It combines the uncombinable – more than 40 theatres sit alongside the Reeperbahn – a long bar street where party lovers buzz all night long. Hamburg is the largest port city in Europe, that’s why Port of Hamburg will become one of the places to visit, likewise a boat trip down the Elbe River which is available at any season. The Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Hamburg City Hall, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Church of St. Nicholas are the ones of the most glorious architectural places in a city. And herring sandwiches became city’s calling card long time ago.



This city is called a German Florence and still it keeps tales of the war. Black buildings all over the city form a gothic style and give some kind of moroseness to its image. But Dresden is a warmly welcoming city, in former times it has been hosting kings of Saxony, but now it is excited to see us – just tourists who following Herder call it a German Florence for its artistic heritage and picturesque Elbe site. The Dresden Frauenkirche, the Zwinger, Dresden Castle, Dresden Cathedral, the Semperoper are the buildings that will pirate the most part of your camera roll. And traditional Dresden stollen from the Striezelmarkt will dip you into the gastronomic history of the city. /



“Beer land”, a festival-city – this is all about lively Munich where a holiday holds sway every day. Here you will find picturesque views of Neuschwanstein Castle and Alpine valleys, noisy and majestic Marienplatz square with its architectural landmark of the city - the Frauenkirche and the most ancient beer house - the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. This city combines modern sightseeings such as the BMW Museum and the Olympic Park Munich and a myriad of antique palaces and castles - the Nymphenburg Palace, Blutenburg Castle, the Schleißheim Palace and many others. And Octoberfest (famous folk festival) gathers around 6 million guests annually. The long and the short of it, Bavaria is so multifaceted and it is ready to please its tourists with wide interests.



Icing on the cake of our German must-visit cities hit parade is the city with 2000 years history – Cologne. It established a reputation as the major culture center in Germany and encapsulated a legion of different museums:  from longstanding such as the Wallraf–Richartz Museum and to contemporary ones such as German Sports and Olympic Museum with Schumacher’s race cars. And Cologne Cathedral with its gothic magnificence, verve and splendor not only in exterior design, but interior decoration as well will steal the heart even of a keen traveller. Walk down the Hohenzollern Bridge alongside the river Rhine, ride the cable way, improve your health in the park with thermal springs, feel yourself as a child in the oldest Cologne Zoo or the "fifth season" – legendary Cologne Carnival.


To recap, Germany is a country for all year round visits. Here tourists will find how to entertain themselves absolutely at any time. This country won’t give you a chance to be bored or hungry – hearty German sausages are begging for one more glass of freshly brewed German beer. It is impossible to describe this country in two words or visiting just one city to become imbued by it. Germany reveals its new sides with every visit and it is highly unlikely that it will leave you unfazed. And if your career is connected with the English language, you should certainly ask for a business trip to this wonderful country. 


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