Every Russian heard such a saying since their childhood: “In Greece zere's everysing”. At first sight it seems that the author of this quote is an Ancient Greek philosopher, but in fact it is a famous Russian writer of all time – A.P. Chekhov, who put this phrase in the mouth of one of the characters of his play “Wedding”. Invited for the sake of honour to the wedding a Greek guy was pestered with the questions what they do not have in this unknown faraway Greece, but as he has already become Russified he actually didn’t know and answered all the questions in the same manner: “In Russia zere's nussing, and in Greece zere's everysing”.

Let’s see what we actually have in Greece and what we don’t.


The first thing we should start with is to choose a resort because Greece can offer holidays on the continent (Athens, Thessaloniki), on the peninsula (Сhalkidiki, Peloponnesus) or on the islands which are so numerous that no one Greek visited all of them at least once in his life (Crete, Rhodos and many others). Every place is unique in his own way, but here we will tell what unites them and makes Greece Greece.

There are lots of reminders of ancient civilization in every corner of Hellenes’ country – diggings, museums. You may perceive the presence of antiquities everywhere. Greek kindliness and hospitality do not have a geographic approach and distribute nationwide.


Four seas wash this sunny country, therefore the choice of locations may rely on what water one wants to splash in and if one wants to swim in general, as the capital area is land-locked and offers excursion and sightseeing type of vacation.

What is the scenery of Greece? This is a myriad of mountains, the chief among which is mythic Olympia of course, and what is more – a variety of islands, gats and bays. Cliffs intersperse with beaches, what gives the opportunity for activity holiday and relax by the sea at the same time.


Greek cuisine will help you bring back home a couple of overeaten kilos of happiness flavored with Greek house wine. Wherever you are you should definitely taste original Greek salad, meze (flight tasters of dozens of courses), tzatziki, moussaka, grilled seafood, Greek fast-food – gyros and souvlaki, sweeties such as baklava, loukoumades and many other delicacies you cannot forgo at dining-table.

This country has its range of colours even. Greek flag is blue and white not without a reason since practically the whole country is exactly of the same colours: white houses with blue roofs conjoin smoothly with sea views. This blend is truly fairy on Santorini island where you can enjoy the best sunsets around the whole republic.


Among other things the faithful assemble in this country – pilgrimage tours are highly popular among the Orthodox Christians as Greece abounds with sanctuaries, cathedrals, churches and monasteries opened for the visitors. Often you can meet here tiny “houses” along the roads that are called proskinitari – these are small chapels, diminutive copies of an Orthodox Church wishing a traveller a safe journey.

Greece is a really warm country and this is not about the quantity of sunny days or fur coats the manufacture of which originated here from the earliest times. It is sincerely, cosily and somewhat homey here.


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