Project manager Angelina Nizamova shared her misguide on how to miss the plane and make the Eurotrip unforgettable

After the Сongress in Berlin Lesya Korotkova and I decided that it would be nice to have a rest in Hungary until the end of the business trip. We planned everything ahead: we bought low-cost flights with extra baggage and priority boarding. We were pleased with ourselves: the flight from Budapest was in the morning, and the flight from Berlin was in the evening. It was just impossible to be late.  


In the morning in Hungary, we were going to take a flight to Germany.
Now you can get a pen and a notebook and write down a step-by-step guide, “How to miss your flight”:

Wake up early and enjoy your Instagram breakfast. The photo is necessary! Don’t worry – you’ve bought a ticket on the bus that gets you precisely in time for flight check-in.
Don’t worry, even if your bus is late for some reason. Anyway, you’ll make it to the airport in time, especially if you’re in Budapest – a pretty small town.
If there are too many bus stops making your vision all blurry – it’s all right. No big deal if there are less than two hours left before departure.
One more stop? Ok, we’ll wait, there is an hour left.
Open the map to realize how far the airport is and calm down. But it couldn't help me: I realized we were driving straight down the street for 20 minutes and couldn’t believe that we actually didn’t make it to the flight like in a movie.

We arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the departure.
There was a long security line that was moving at a snail's pace. Here you can tearfully beg airport staff to let you through because you’re going late for the flight. However, officers are going to check your suitcases too slo-o-owly, but don’t worry – you have 15 minutes before departure.
When our suitcases were finally checked for fire and gas, we ran just like in the “Home alone 2”  and put the tickets to the gate, and… We were not as lucky, as in the movie. We got only: “Sorry, it’s too late.”
I still have these words in front of my eyes. We. Missed. The plane.

I hope you wrote down this short guide. But our story wasn’t finished – the flight Berlin-Moscow was waiting for us, and we still were in Budapest.
First, we sat in the empty gate area: we were silent, then cried a little – we are only girls after all. And then we bought tickets for 7000 rubles, without extra baggage and priority boarding.

The flight from Budapest to Berlin became the most expensive entertainment for an hour and a half in all our Eurotrip. Therefore I strongly recommend you drive to the airport 3 hours early for the flight. In fact, not even drive, but you should already be there.


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