Our job is connected with event organizing in Europe, that fact gave us a chance to visit one of the smallest state in a world and the story about this place may start with the words from a fairy-tale: “Once upon a time, in a faraway land…” Walking down Luxembourg medieval landscapes we felt like Disney characters – you are surrounded by the castles standing on the rock ledges, cathedrals, stone bridges with arches spread out the forests and rivers.


Indeed, there you can come across real miracles in Luxembourg – for instance, free of charge public transport. This is the first country in a world that is wealth enough to ride on the buses and trams everyone who wants to for free. Despite its millennial history, Luxembourg is a modern business-land. This is the place where the European headquaters of such large-scale corporations as McDonald's, Amazon, eBay and many others are based, this is because the unique and so attractive tax system is efficient both the country and the business itself. So, Luxembourg is adult and self-sustained enough to support itself and give an example to other nations that makes happy its lieges and the guests of the Grand Duchy.


The whole country is as big as the capital city of our motherland – the hero-city Moscow, but this is the case when the saying “little pigeons can carry great messages” comes up supremely well. One weekend is enough to absorb the spirit of an ancient power completely.

The center of Europe – Luxembourg, with its namesake capital city, offers a really luxurious vacation. Up to the knocker hotels, Michelin star restaurants, shopping at the Gallery Lafayette… However, even a budget traveler can immerse himself in the splendid atmosphere of Luxembourg – there are budget-friendly hostels and apartments, free of charge public transport and a possibility to snack with a fast-food or the food from supermarket. And the main question is – what can I see there?


Start your walk through the city center with the Adolphe Bridge – not the one we all know, but a local ruler from the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries. That was the largest stone bridge in a world at that time. It unites the Upper and Lower city; marvelous views of the gardens and city parks open up. After the bridge walk, head for the Constitution Square with the obelisk in honor of fallen heroes in the World War I and II. The gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral already appears ahead. Built in XVII cent. it invites inside not in vain – a lot of sculptures, organ, table-tombs of Grand Dukes and things else.


Luxembourg must-visit is the Bock casemates, guarded by the UNESCO not without a reason. Dated by the XVII cent. this underground tunnel system grew to 23 km in depth of a namesake the Bock cliff. This place with the mysterious history will be interesting both children and adults. It is worthy of note that some ancient houses of the city still have underground free way to the casemates. The location keeps either obscure cells or post-card-like views on Petrus gorge.


Here in a city center the shopping lovers can pay attention to the Grand Rue street and its outskirts – from the mass-markets to boutiques. And beside that sometimes tourists come here to admire the works of art as this is the place where are many galleries are located including the jewelry ones as well as unique souvenir shops. Shopping fans can notice such districts and shopping centers as Unterstadt, Oberstadt, Gallery Beaumont, City Concorde, Smets Luxury Outlet, Stitch Luxembourg and others. As far as our job is connected with travelling it is no coincidence that we were caught in here and weren’t able to pass it by.


Amazingly, though Luxembourg is a pocket country, but it houses so many amenities, because all written above is not a limit. Truly Luxembourg is worth visiting of tourists by any category, because not everyday there is a chance to fall into a fairy-tale.


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Our job is connected with event organizing in Europe, that fact gave us a chance to visit one of the smallest state in a world.
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