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What you get with BGS Group?

Regular trainings based on the world's best practice
Regular trainings based on the world's best practice
Sales, negotiations, market analysis, management
Promotion and high wages
Promotion and high wages
True career advancement opportunities up to Head of division / Head of Russian or international office in 6 months
Constant English language practice
Constant English language practice
Daily negotiations in English with directors of the biggest companies all over the world
Business trips abroad for the best employees
Business trips abroad for the best employees
Traveling abroad to the events organized by BGS Group several times a year (London, Hamburg, Nice, etc.)
Official employment
Official employment
Official employment, that provides all fiscal charges to Social Insurance, Pension and Medical Insurance Funds
One of the best offices in the city
One of the best offices in the city
Cozy office in the city center with tea, coffee, pasties, bar counter and comfortable sofas in the rest area
Joyful company parties and funny birthdays
Joyful company parties and funny birthdays
Work among young people with creative mind-set and great sense of humor


Have you ever dreamed about working in Google? No, seriously, job conditions at Google became simply a household name. Nice bonuses, informal setting, openness to new ideas and creativity - isn’t it cool?

Yes, I also think that it is cool. In fact, you don’t have to be Google to implement these principles. In BGS group the first time in my life I came across such a management approach when there are no subordinates, but colleagues only and synergism instead of corporate hierarchy. But as soon as I don’t like these common words about “atmosphere” and “teambuilding”, I’d rather tell you a few stories from my work experience:

  • When I just started to work in BGS, I had a blurred vision of negotiations in English. And surprisingly in two months talking on the phone with the director of one African oil company I was seriously head hunted to work on them (including payment for flight and accommodation).
  • The biggest transnational corporations don’t provide even a phone number on their official web-site. That’s why reaching someone from top management becomes a real challenge. Thanks to the brainstorming session with our team, we could work out the following plan: get in touch with company’s affiliate in Russia first of all, then with two European offices and as a result reach its headquarter in Texas. And simultaneously we became friends with their workers in social networks. It has worked!

BGS group changed my attitude to sales itself and money as well; gave me absolutely priceless experience and made me an international level specialist. I don’t see any reason to leave BGS group – even if someone would offer me to work abroad. Moreover, in Africa.

Nick krylov,

For me as for many people I guess the most difficult is to make a decision, especially, when there are plenty of choices. The main criteria for me in choosing a workplace is an opportunity for self-development and self-fulfillment each time setting more and more challenging goals. One year ago I came to BGS group – a team of creative and initiative people, establishing, at the first sight, unachievable targets. On the interview I had to work out a plan of making Forbes our partner on the event. Back there I was sure, that such great media corporations are absolutely unreachable and managing international congress in London is practically a pipe dream. But here we see March has passed away, International LNG Congress had successfully ended up and our main media partner was who do you think… Bloomberg!

I can tell you for sure that BGS group success is an achievement of our cohesive team. It is twice pleasant to understand that your colleagues are interested in your personality, in your hobbies and other social activities, and chiefs respect desires and proposals of their subordinates. Daily communications with directors of the biggest European, American and even Chinese companies, preparation and organization of international events interlaced with trainings, bonuses for the best workers, collective lunches and outdoor activities after work. Great team of professionals, where you are evaluated and loved is a key to growth and development both for a person and for a company. And it's all about BGS group.

P.S. We'll definitely gain Forbes next time

Maria Meshkova,

I work in BGS group for more than half a year already. I like working here for many reason. First and the most inportant one for me is people with whom I work. They are very clever, ambitious, profecional, and at the same time all of my colleagues are kind, generous and funny. I love them all. And can say that they are not just my co-workers, but my friends. Second reason is that we do interesting work! It challenges me to grow personally and develope new skills. The third reason - I love to travel and BGS group gives me this opportunity. We went to London and it was awesome!!!

Margarita Vlasova,

Like many other people I was wondering whether I could find a dream work, how far we would match each other and whether it would be a love at first sight. I want to share with you my story, because probably it might turn out to be your dream work too and you’ll finally meet each other.

I started to work in BGS group from its establishment and I can mark some points, valuable for candidates looking for a job:

  •  Work. It is a well-known fact that if you are on your place your internal sense of time changes: when you really enjoy your work one hour flies away like 5 minutes. In BGS group time goes rapid-fire because you’re always involved in something interesting, challenging and adventurous: new knowledge in English, oil refining, PR and even finances.
  • Effective work is encouraged by the chiefs. System of bonuses and official employment – one of the most important things for job seekers.
  • Corporate culture. I think you would agree that it’s always pleasant to come in a cozy office with a freshly brewed coffee and goodies. Official dress code at work goes side-by-side with informal trips to the cinema and other entertainments. We love sport and encourage sporty people. In summer we even arranged some sort of a basketball championship.
  • Team, of course. Some time ago Laszlo Bock (Google vice-president in HR) published a book about how he could attract the best workers.

We are not Google. But you can come and see how BGS group could make a super-team. For sure it is a great happiness to work among professionals, who love what they do and delighted with colleague’s achievements.

Natalia Kuznetsova,

There are not many really important criteria according to which we are looking for a suitable work: possible wages, field of work, prospects of advancement, team. Assuming that for me the financial matter was dominating idea and all the rest is secondary, imagine, how pleasantly I realized that in BGS group there are no all those negative moments we usually hate but justify saying “at least I earn good money”. I find everything perfect: from freshly brewed coffee in the mornings to international projects and trips around the world. How many people can display that they like to come back in office every day, that they are proud of what they do personally and what their company does? If for you it is as relevant as for me – welcome on board!

Nikita Adimov,

I have had the privilege of working for BGS Group for over 1 year and it has been one of the most adventures years of my working career. When I just started to work at BGS Group I was impressed by the the drive, determination and tenaciousness of my colleagues, which caused my desire to be a part of this environment.

Since I have started my career at BGS Group, I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries with my colleagues, we have organized some of the best events within the Energy Industry and continue turning BGS Group into one of the top event organizing companies.

If you really want to succeed in your career, I would highly recommend any position at BGS Group. From my experience working for BGS Group, you will have the opportunity to work with great people in a team-driven environment, travel to different countries , learn all you need to know about the Energy Industry and event organization and what is very important ….. is that you get started your day with a fresh cup of coffee!!!

Fira Vechedova,

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